The Story

Love Rekindled: A Journey Through Time and Hearts

The universal theme of love can help one feel alive again. It is like reliving your old feelings and making them think about the moments of the past. When you are living in flashbacks of love, these memories guide your heart on a path of rediscovering emotions. This also helps you understand what happens when one connects with such strong feelings. It is as if a beautiful song is playing, reminding you of what was and what could be once again.

LOVEBLIND: Tales of a Footloose Man by Rick Haggard masterfully captures the timeless essence of love. As you delve into the life of Rick Trax, the story skillfully uses the universal theme of love’s ebb and creates an unbreakable bond between the readers and the characters. It is set against the backdrop of different cities and eras, highlighting how love’s flames, once extinguished, can be reignited.

Fate’s Second Chances: Love’s Twists and Turns

Sometimes fate gives love a second chance. Just like how a new day brings fresh opportunities, fate can also rekindle faded feelings between people.
Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Sometimes these twists can guide hearts back together, reminding us that the path to love is never a straight one.
LOVEBLIND: Tales of a Footloose Man by Rick Haggard is a story about fate’s second chances. This ignites hope that love can always find its way back.
LOVEBLIND: Tales of a Footloose Man is situated in Charlottesville, Virginia, Memphis, Los Angeles, and Southeast Florida, which keeps readers hooked to the story until the end. Amidst a turmoil of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll, the story is set 1970s onwards, intertwined with the thought-provoking question: “Can we really go back?”

From Heartbreak to Hope: A Tale of Love Rediscovered

This profound journey of love transcends barriers, turning heartache and optimism into a theme that resonates universally. Through the uncertainties and hardships of Rick Trax, the narrative sheds a spotlight on the power of heartbreak and hope, revealing how these emotions intertwine to shape the essence of the human experience. Rick Haggard’s LOVEBLIND: Tales of a Footloose Maninvites readers to plunge into the depths of vulnerability and pain, providing an opportunity for deeper introspection.

Echoes of the Past: Love’s Resurgence Across Decades

Memories are treasured keepsakes that stay in your heart forever. They are akin to a time machine, one that helps you experience moments of love and happiness all over again.
Echoes of the past play an important role in the novel, LOVEBLIND: Tales of a Footloose Man. It follows the story of Rick Trax, who fell in love twice when he was in college, helps readers believe in the past and second chances of fate. Both times, Trax believed he met the love of his life, only to know it was never love. On both occasions, he was left heartbroken.
However, it is true what they say about love: it always finds its way back to you. Later in life, both of Trax’s loved ones returned to him. This masterpiece by Rick Haggard is about these love affairs, then and now.

Love’s Timeless Trial: Revisiting the Past for a Second Chance

Rick Haggard has masterfully portrayed the theme of love in his masterpiece, LOVEBLIND: Tales of a Footloose Man. Love, an eternal trial, is deftly depicted as a force capable of flooding life with joy and swiftly fracturing the heart. The recollections of love, unceasing and enduring, remain poised to bestow moments of delight.
This novel’s narrative unfolds with such intensity that it will leave you breathless and hungry for more, as well as leave you wondering: Would you do it all over again if you had the chance? Get ready to experience a spectrum of emotions as you dive into the depths of Rick Trax’s life journey.

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