Twisted Fate of Love: A Journey of a Footloose Man

Twisted Fate of Love A Journey of a Footloose Man

The Twisted Fate of Love is a unique tale of regrets. Have you ever wondered what it means to be in love when every song you listen to reminds you of the person you adore the most? With every passing moment you wish to spend with them, the thought of losing them sends a chill down your spine because of the intensity of the emotions you feel for them. Love is a powerful emotion. It can cause people to do things they would otherwise never do.

The adage “love is blind” holds for many people; we ignore the flaws, the red flags, and the negative aspects of the people we love the most, no matter how terrible they might be. LOVEBLIND: Tales of a Footloose Man by Rick Haggard shows just how far a man is willing to go when his love for someone blinds him. In the Twisted Fate of Love, the protagonist finds that the woman he loves, who had unfortunately left him, has given him a call despite how much she hurts him; he meets her again in a series of events that will haunt him for the rest of his remaining life.

A Cautionary Tale

The story, in many ways, is a cautionary tale of what happens when you let the people you love the most walk all over you and why it’s a bad decision to allow someone to have so much power over you. At the same time, the story shows the true power of love, and it’s nothing to scoff at; love can be a beautiful and powerful experience that can build someone up just as much as it can catastrophically destroy them. This is what a Twisted Fate of Love is all about. Its capability to destroy a person’s soul, perhaps even indefinitely, is something that one shouldn’t understate.

Among the modern love story books to read, this is a great story, and with its many pop culture references that elevate it, such as the many bands from the 1970s and 80s, like the Eagles, pop culture icons like Jeff Bridges and many of the hippie movement of the 70s. It’s a walk through the memory lane, and people who enjoy that period and its art and media will enjoy this novel tremendously. The love story takes precedence, but aside from that, there’s a lot to like about this book.

The protagonist, Rick Trax, is a young college student who finds himself in a twisted fate of love with two women who hurt him the most is a very relatable story of first love and its impact on a person. Love can break people. It’s not hard to feel sympathy for him considering everything the man has been through, from losing everything he had to the way the women he loves treat him; you truly feel for the guy, from how he desperately tries to get back with Lila despite her cold and nonchalant behavior towards his feelings and emotions. He recalls how poorly Grace would treat him, and she’d commit acts of domestic violence against him as well as infidelity.

The man has seen the depths of pain that one can face when being in love. The story gets progressively more painful as he recalls how both women treated him, playing mental games and hurting him with empty words and promises. His reaction? He’d withdraw himself by indulging in alcohol and copious amounts of illicit substances and sex with random women he couldn’t care less about.

The Twisted Fate of Love

The twisted fate of love in this story represents shows the depths a person can fall to if they love the wrong person at the wrong time. Such books about fate the feelings of inadequacy, jealousy and insecurity felt by people when they think that the love they have is unrequited. Aside from how he was treated, the book also shows how the protagonist reflects on himself. He realizes over time that it’s impossible to change the people in front of you, and the only person you can truly change is yourself, this a good message for people to have. The twisted fate of love in this story is paced brilliantly, every page as engaging as the last, and the protagonist genuinely feels relatable to many who have loved and lost.

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A fascinating aspect of this story is the theme of fate; the story starts in the present day as the man recalls his experiences with one of his lovers, a woman named Lila Wylde, and reflects how he met her 35 years earlier as a young college student. Books about fate tend to focus on how many events occur because of predetermined reasons, and this is a reoccurring theme in the novel: he meets Lila on and off in random places, once as a parking attendant, another time decades later on Facebook of all places. Many unexpected events take place in this book that hint at a sense of predetermination in the story, such as how he meets Grace, his ex-wife, for the first time in his life. All in all a great novel and among the best love story books to read.

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